Windows 10 crashed lost old wallet have dat file only



I had my windows 10 computer with the old pre fork wallet with the wallet.dat file backed up
I only have the dat file nothing else since the computer crashed. Please help me recover my 4000+ coins. Could I get an old version of the wallet to synchronize and retrieve my coins with my dat file and then send to the new wallet? Please help. Thank you!



well I think the old version will not work correctly because of the hardfork

Until someone more qualified comes and asnwers let get some things out of the way

So the old computer is not working anymore ? and you only have a wallet.dat in your hands ? Put it in a safe place as a copy first or backup existin working directory.

If you are working on an existing installation please make sure you BACKUP FIRST Just in case I would make a backup in a safe place the whole bitbay appdata directory (and you can erase when everything is working) I think the directory of the wallet in windows 7 is C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\BitBay\ so it should be something similar. So back up in a safe place the containing this folder. Make sure your backup contains wallet.dat


The computer works now I had to wipe if clean so it is factory new. I got all my old wallets but just saw the fork issue with bitbay the only wallet I cannot retrieve. Folder not appearing in my roaming but I have the wallet.dat file saved in several locations. Thank you hope this can get fixed!


So with this in mind

install a bitbay client (the same kind of client that you had working before, if you had QT client before install QT otherwise install the Market Client)

Once you get passed the creation of wallet and backup etc (this would be a temporary wallet that you don’t need) close the client.

Go to the appdata location in BitBay folder and replace the wallet.dat with your backed up wallet.dat

restart the client and it should start syncing when its done you should be OK

REMEMBER keep a copy of the CORRECT wallet.dat somewhere safe as the above might not be the optimal solution


Ok thank you I will dl both wallets marketplace first and try it and then the qt if it does not work synchs not sure which one I used initially.
It will take days for them to synch will let you know it if is fixed after or if will need another fix. Thank you!!


Thank you so much it worked! To confirm I just dl the qt wallet today 12/8 so this is an up to date post fork wallet? I can send my other newly purchased tokens there as well?


Yes QT wallet is up to date
wait until it syncs then you can do all things the wallet can do (send / receive etc)

make sure you backup your wallet or keep the wallet.dat at a safe place


I will basically just keep the same dat file I used to import the new walled yes? Thank so much for your help was freaking a bit lol.


yes a wallet.dat file keeps inside your wallet keys so a backup can save you in these situations


Good to know thank you!


My computer crashed again I tried the above and replaced my old wallet.dat file in the bitbay client and it has not worked. Have over 8000 coins missing. Please help I have tried to recover with the new QT download to no avail. Thank you


Hello again I had the same issue occur again.I posted a response in support but it was from my old threat 2 months ago if this will work? My computer crashed I replaced the dat file within the new client this time not working. Thank you


for this to work you need to have
-the old wallet.dat
-the newest version of the same type of wallet
-fully synced

so if wallet was originally created with qt client it can’t be used with regular client and vice versa


Hello Below is what happened to me a few months ago and it worked once the new QT program was synced and I replaced it with my old dat file. However, I followed the same instructions this time for the new QT version to no avail. I tried three times and it took almost two days each for a full sync but still no coins :frowning: I downloaded the latest QT client deleted everything in the roaming folder and placed only the old dat file. Waited for the wallet to sync and nothing. Any ideas? Thank you so much!


please review the step by step tutorial I have prepared How to Resync bitbay client without losing your wallet and FUNDS

see if you followed all the steps as described please comment on steps that you might have not done exactly as described

if you did follow those steps I can’t think of anything other than your wallet.dat being corrupted

what wallet ID does the client give you ? are you sure that it is your old wallet ? can you confirm that it has BAY inside using the explorer ? (


Hello I realized my old dat file was named walletdata.dat I changed the name to wallet.dat and I received some of my coins only 4000 of the 8000+ I had.

My question is this back up was when I had only 4000+ coins. I never backed up when I purchased 4000 more totaling over 8000 coins. Will this be an issue? I figured all information should remain in this initial dat file as is the case with the neo wallet. Am I wrong or will this be remedied once the wallet is synced? Thank you!


You actually backup a wallet not the funds it has inside
you backup the way to access it at the case of emergency

So once synced you should have your funds back
You can also check with the explorer
just paste your wallet address in the search box and it should give you your TOTAL BAY


Ok thank you so much for your help! I see them attached to my address once it is synced hopefully they are there. I appreciate your time and knowledge thank you!