What items do you want to see on the marketplace?


Hey folks! So I thought I would kick this category of the forum off with an important question: what items would you like to see on the BitBay Marketplace? What items would you be willing to list?

Can really be anything, items you would either purchase or you think would be nice to have on the marketplace in general. If we get this discussion to last and get pretty in depth with it, it could provide potential sellers an opportunity to see where the demand is on our little marketplace!

I’ll start - I really want to see some low end laptops and tablet PCs on the marketplace. I really want a Thinkpad. I also always need more socks so maybe if other people are like me that is a great low-price item you could profit selling on BitBay.

Share your thoughts!


I want to see more precious metals like Gold and Silver to hedge against fiat inflation and the predictable future economical collapse. I already saw some listings regarding that so I’m pretty happy. Although best would be for it to be sold in my home country so I plan to make a marketplace for France. :slight_smile:


Pizzas! No marketplace is complete without pizzas!

But, actually, I’m in the market for a new-ish laptop too. I live near a Burmese marketplace so there are some semi precious stones I could list, but I know next to nothing about these shiny little things.


I would love to see some outdoor camping/backpacking gear… portable camp stoves, solar lighting, solar charging units, fire building kits, knives, sleeping bags, tents, food storage, maps, field guides. Also, would be cool to see exotic and hard-to-find teas and coffee. Both fiction & non-fiction books always get my vote too :slight_smile:


Console games shipped from USA and japan. I would really like to see this after bitbay pegged. So less coins more buy. :slight_smile:


Yes to the teas and coffees! And also music equipment, rare or vintage studio equipment and any vinyl records.


I would like to see more brand merchandise,-clothes,shoes,cellphones,watches,etc…and ofc notebooks/netbooks/tablets… IMO cant go wrong if those are listed