WALLET Issues without having two keys made


If you have followed the guides I send you should have a backup of the wallet.dat
If you have a backup then what you do will not affect your wallet (can not make it any worse)

Also I already explained to you should have posted here and not reply on the email since it went to spam folder

Please be patient we are trying to understand what has been done as there is a lot of information on this thread

So the basic question is when you originally created the client you only had 1 private key ?
The client always creates 2 keys when you create a wallet this is what @Munti is saying


yes offcourse i did and it is exactly the same as what i had a freezing account whie i used a two step sending ending in pending because TX network to busy…after 6 hours i was able to finf AND my wallet AND the one key wich i needed so NOT just the wallet.DAT file offcourse


i told the first post i had only one key and provide all the information from the start what was going on.I made one key and the system told me that i could make a second key later on.When i load the wallet.dat i must do that in the new client to use open wallet it didnt show up after syncing…


Tat is also that i explained that i have used the two step sending because i had one key like the system told me to do when i have ony one key



Hey there, so first of all when you started the software there was a wizard and it tells you to make the two keys and then back them up.

It is impossible to create an account with only one key because that key would not be paired. So you 100% have two keys.

When you loaded the account, you might have only loaded one key and not realized you had created two. Therefore you must find both key1.private and key2.private

You will never be able to spend with only one key. That is what makes this program such high security in fact to protect you the user from any attempts to hack you.

You can start by searching your computer for *.private key files. If you find both then load your account with both keys and you can cancel any old incomplete payments in the history panel.



So here is the exzct same situation after i did all the steps as you can see because i am simply able to send moneu zith one key through to steps sending but here is exactly the same as i send you after your first response


so the wallet is correct, the key is correct there was no sync problem or fork problem and know is my balance ok, my send in pending again but i am out of available balance can you please help!!


THE TOPIC IS CALLED ONE KEY and again therefore is two steps sending!!that is possible with one key i dont have tso keys made.even the program( do the wizzard yourself please is telling" you can do the second key later).The process of two step sending is more secure then just two keys.I have made two keys in the new client but when you load the wallet.dat that makes no sense.So the steps telling me to erase everything except the wallet.dat both that is not treu because know i need two formerly keys right?


As David said, You need two keys. Two step send is for joint accounts. From what you are saying I doubt you created one. And if you did create one, you would have two keys for that.

Edit: You are able to see your balance with only one key loaded, but you need two keys in order to spend your balance. You must find that second key.


i dont have two keys i made one key…The client let me do that please try yourself if you cancel the second key.In my opinion there is a two step send instead of havinge one key( i can send you a print screen client tells me to choose a two step because having one key.And yes there is also another way with split accounts on one and split accounts with two computers…I can create a signature, i can send it to email and load this signature in the 2 step all ok by the client where you can insert this emailadres to send the signature.So when you make one key instead of 2 the wallet and funfs are worthless that is what you saying ??Ahacker can hack our acount and find the 2 keys on your computer.I have download and sync everytjhing making 2 keys and insert my wallet but when i load this key teh wallet is the same again.I have one key and two shared keys yes…CAN WE PLEASE SOLVE THIS TO SEND YOU ALL THE KEYS I HAVE FOUND PLEASE PLEASE


Hey this is completely incorrect. You can make one key and cancel on the second but it is IMPOSSIBLE to load an account or generate an address with it. This is because you need two keys to create and account. This is why when opening an account you need the private key file and another file to pair it with such as another private key file or share file. If you want to come on Slack and talk to me I can show you on teamviewer or help you find your other key. Two step send is for joint partners, even those expenses require two signatures, one from each key done asynchronously. Just out of curiosity. In your key file key1.private what does the 2nd and third lines say? Don’t tell me the final line which is your private key but tell me the two public keys listed above it. If you want you can PM me on Slack.


So i have a Main question here GiorgosK.In the guide they say that all you have to do is install a new client( with the 2 NEW keys and insert the OLD wallet.dat to see and send your funfs out right?!!So YOU DONT NEED THE OLD KEYS because you can erease them as there is mentioned.So there is no problem following the guide right making 2 new keys with the old wallet?!


The guide does not say to erase any OLD keys it only says to erase your data folder contents to start fresh synching. The guide assumed that your private keys are privately kept / backed up when you created your wallet as the setup wizard instructs you to do and backup, I have revised it to be more clear.


Look, if you want we can do teamviewer session. We want to help you. The thing is, this software has been running for 4 years. It is impossible to make an account with one key. If you don’t believe me read the code yourself. Perhaps you made two keys and then had some sort of problems with your hard drive? Did you save the second key to a flash drive? If you cancel on making the second key when making a brand new single key and then try to load it, you can’t because it needs to have a second key. You can pair it later but only with another key file. Therefore it is impossible to have an account with one key unless that key is paired. You can load a single key (in case of a joint account) but only if it was paired to a second key. Therefore, you can try hard drive recovery to see if you lost it (Recuva is pretty good for this). Did you change computers? Did you change hard drives? Did you save something to a flash drive by accident? Was there any power surge or data loss? Check all of those things. You will see for yourself that in the key1.private file there will be two public keys listed if you paired it with a second key, otherwise the file will not load because it wouldn’t be paired. That is again why you can know for 100% certainty a second key exists. It’s actually impossible to generate an address with one key because all accounts are MULTISIGNATURE. So one key can’t make an account. Ever.


Also the fact that you have two shared keys is pretty much proof that at some point in time you had two private keys. I would try to do some data recovery to see what happened to the other key file. We can do teamviewer to find out what is going on.