Wallet 1.29 not working cannot open or find address + coins


My system has the following specifications

QT Wallet, Client Wallet (and version) or Web wallet: Old computer with BitBay coins has wallet version 1.29, new computer has wallet version
Operating System and version: Windows 8
If desktop wallet (Qt or Client) wallet version 1.29 is fully scyned (100%) block 1884075

The problem I am having is I have recently bought a new computer and would like to transfer my bitbay coins from my old computers wallet (spec above) to my new computers wallet. I am aware 1.29 version is old but I have fully synced but cannot see address or bitbay balance??
The wallet has the unlock icon down in the lower left corner, but when I attempt to “open account” it then takes me to the folder directory for all Bit Bay files and for some reason will only allow me to select an image file or .private file which are not there??

What shall I do? the only key file I can find is called: keys.dat



There is no version for BitBay that I am aware of, can you post a screenshot ?
Take a look here

In general to transfer you funds from one wallet to another you have to have the old wallet synced and you can send them to the new walelt. Then you can verify using the block explorer that the Funds have been transfered.

Make sure your old wallet is synced properly using the following guide

Only download BitBay wallets from here https://bitbay.market/downloads

About your specific problem you will have to remember where you have saved those files, if not on the same computer probably on a removable USB drive ?