Upgrading from Client version 1.29 (Wineskin) to the latest native Mac build version 1.32


Hey guys,

I’m currently running the old Client version 1.29 on my MacOs High Sierra 10.13.5.

I was wondering if anyone might be able to guide me through the best possible way to update from 1.29 (wineskin) to the new native Mac build that has been released.

The issue I am having is that I’m not quite sure what files to copy over from the old ‘drive_c’ folder into the newly created subfolders of the latest BitBayClient.

Or if I’m even doing it the completely wrong way and if I should instead be running a clean install, letting is sync to 100% before copying any files over?

Any help or guidance on getting updated to the new version would be great!

Thank heaps!


Most importantly is your keys must be backed up. I don’t think the blockchain will copy because it’s windows file format vs mac but maybe it can. My assumption is you must sync again. If you have any critical contracts you can copy those but if you are generally not worried about those then you don’t need them. You can copy over files in any order usually. Just consider that the wallet.dat file will track the accounts you load from the file menu so if it’s a new setup be sure to load your different wallets at least once. It’s nice to copy over Other.dat to save reputation data and various other market data. But it’s not completely necessary, just useful.


Thanks heaps David! I’m in the process of syncing from 0% as I type this message. I’m just not quiet sure what you mean by ‘be sure to load your different wallets at least once’? Also is there a specific file that holds all of the transactions history data, cause I definitely don’t want to lose that!

Thanks in advance,



Loading your wallet, i.e loading your private keys so that the wallet.dat file remember your wallet. If you want to save your transaction history data, just export them in CSV using the Export to CSV function on the History tab of the Client. Besides you may want to save your Contracts Backup file to save your contract history too which is the ContractsBackup.dat file.