Updating client and syncing issues


My system has the following specifications

Client Wallet (v1.37)
Operating System and version: windows 10 home

The problem I am having is …

Opened my crypto laptop after 2 months of being away from home and not using it. Opened the BitBay client and it started syncing and got to 98% and stopped.

I left it for an hour and nothing. So I thought maybe it needs an update, so I went to the BitBay website and downloaded v1.37 and ran that but this time it was stuck on 0% synching for an hour so I closed it and started looking on the support forums.

Whilst on here I realised my avg antivirus wasn’t running, so I restarted my laptop incase it had done an update. When it had rebooted and my avg was running I thought I’d try the BitBay client once more but then AVG gave me the error message in the attached picture saying the file is malware??

What’s going on here? I downloaded the v1.37 from the main website so unless it’s been hacked what am I missing or what is avg picking up?



All sorted now. Added the .exe as an exception in avg but it kept throwing it out. So i turned avg off whilst I reinstalled bitbay and it’s working and syncing fine now.