Sending money to another account



I have an account on my main computer desktop and another account on my Laptop.
Both have there own bitbay address.
I did a test by send 1 bay from the desktop account to the laptop account
The 1 bay has left the desktop account and never arrived at the Laptop account

ersion: BitBay 1.29
Sent coins:
Date: 01/21/2018
Time Stamp: 1516507776
Block: 505281
Amount: 1
Fee: 0.02
Total: 5
Address: bQWWSe7LokbfGKZzpPYmKX8tBPZNDadaWz
TXID: 8becede8895b3c9fc8068d07db01c2b75e8b903059a377d08a967cafdc2fa21b

Inputs: [{‘output’: u’1718ea970fd967054a06201644c37a36942572ee4dc618a5c1fea21f68b486b0:6’, ‘value’: 500000000, ‘address’: u’bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi’}]

Outputs: [{‘value’: 100000000, ‘address’: ‘bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi’}, {‘value’: 100000000, ‘address’: ‘bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi’}, {‘value’: 100000000, ‘address’: ‘bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi’}, {‘value’: 50000000, ‘address’: ‘bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi’}, {‘value’: 48000000, ‘address’: ‘bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi’}, {‘value’: 100000000, ‘address’: ‘bQWWSe7LokbfGKZzpPYmKX8tBPZNDadaWz’}]

Any idea where is has gone?
My laptop account is still showing a zero balance and there is no transaction history in its program.


Are both fully synced?


As Tigris points out, you are not fully synced. The block you were on when writing the post was from 2015. Currently we’re on 1523882. All you have to do is wait until you catch up. Either keep syncing like you do now or download a bootstrap from and replace your current “bitbaydata” folder with the one you download. It will speed things up


As before me @Mufasa and @Tigris already said you probably are not synced

The BAY you send is in the wallet

check the block that you see on main panel left bottom corner with the one here

if you are not in sync you have to wait or download the blockchain to speed things up


At the moment it is showing 100% 1524416 block


I just sent another test

Version: BitBay 1.29
Sent coins:
Date: 01/27/2018
Time Stamp: 1517086992
Block: 506404
Amount: 1
Fee: 0.02
Total: 5
Address: bQWWSe7LokbfGKZzpPYmKX8tBPZNDadaWz
TXID: 607c72a86dab24429fba3f6c557f672049e22fbb4c343daab7296345ca4e3df8

Inputs: [{‘output’: u’8cac108d5655eee88099eca01329ba28d5deb81f561d677a55050492e16c08fc:2’, ‘value’: 500000000, ‘address’: u’bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi’}]

Outputs: [{‘value’: 100000000, ‘address’: ‘bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi’}, {‘value’: 100000000, ‘address’: ‘bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi’}, {‘value’: 100000000, ‘address’: ‘bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi’}, {‘value’: 50000000, ‘address’: ‘bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi’}, {‘value’: 48000000, ‘address’: ‘bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi’}, {‘value’: 100000000, ‘address’: ‘bQWWSe7LokbfGKZzpPYmKX8tBPZNDadaWz’}]

Am waiting for the results


Both computers are synced at 100 % block 1524440
Transaction is showing as 2 bay in the laptop account at but are still not showing on the laptop screen or any history on it


What wallets and what versions are you using for EACH computers? To send you have to be sure that both wallets are correctly updated as we had a hard fork in November, that they are 100% synced and that your private keys are properly loaded (and obviously an internet connection).


Both computers are using Halo version 1.29
Desktop address is: bbNp1aDbFdQFDoQx94mQ1PQwM18fuUFXxi
Laptop address is : bQWWSe7LokbfGKZzpPYmKX8tBPZNDadaWz
Both computers were setup in December 2017 so the November thing should not be an issue?
Both computers are showing 100% 1524509 block sync



the BAY is now 2.0 in your receiving wallet so the transaction went through and its valid

So the problem is probably with the receiving wallet as I can also see from here it says
Not yet redeemed

Please tell us a bit more about the receiving computer (windows mac linux ?)
Try to do a restart without starting anything else (maybe the memory is not enough ?)
Was it working before ? or is it the first time testing this setup ?
How many Network connections are reported in settings > general settings ?

I still have a feeling that the receiving computer is probably not synced or on the wrong fork and I think just following this tutorial you are going to have things working again


It is a Windows 10 pro
Dual core 2.4 ghz
4 gig ram
64 bit system

I have reinstalled the Blockchain file and it is now syncing
at 94% will wait and see what happens when it hits 100%
Zero bay showing at present
Network connections 1

I just looked at my main desktop and it has also only 1 network connection showing but working fine.


That was my main desktop computer


If your network connections constantly report 1 connection it is not ideal
as it means you only get updates from 1 source which you run the risk of getting bad updates

I would reccomend if you keep on getting 1 connection after being running for a while to consider modifying your bitbay.conf file and to add more addnodes as described here


I have given up on this so have created a new wallet and installation on the laptop (not worried about the lost coins)
Since installing a clean skin copy of bitbay and a new wallet I did a test transfer of funds to the new wallet and it works.


If you have the 2 keys of from when creating the first wallet (key1.private, key2.private) then you can file > open wallet and it will ask you for those 2 keys

But make sure you backup first your new wallet if you have funds in it file > backup wallet