QT Wallet synched, WebWallet Keys Importet but 0 Balance


I have done all the Steps to Import my Webwallet into to the QT Wallet.
The Wallet is fully synched and i also see the adress in the “Receive Tab”

BUT my balance is Still 0 — How long does it takes, that the Coins are aviable and sendable?
Did the Import 3 Days Ago

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:


Sorry for the issue.

It should be alleviated with a “rescan” function.

We will eventually add a rescan and reindex function to the qt debug console.

For now you will need to refer to this article on how to manually rescan the wallet.
And remember to always make a backup of your wallet.dat and store in multiple safe locations.

Let me know if you have any issues trying to rescan after reading this article


Tank you - i will try this.