Problems with Client wallet


My system has the following specifications

Client Wallet: v1.37
Operating System and version: windows 10 Pro

Block 40320

The problem I am having is … I was 100% synced but I had a power cut and then the wallet didn´t synced, it as stuck at 99% (I had this problem before but changing addnodes it worked out). In the Discord, support, they recommended me to delete the chain folder and resynchronize from the beginning because the chain could be corrupted.
I´ve done that but now it has synced till 1% and it is stuck again.

How can I solve this? should I uninstall the client and reinstall.


Well I´ve already had support on the Discord. I´ll uninstall and reinstall the wallet. I´ve backed up the bitbay.conf file to replace it later once fully synced.