Pleas help to sync?


I have importet private key to QT wallet but I dont no what to do. There is zero balance even there is coins in webwallet. I have waited for days it to sync but nothing happens. I cant find any sync button. So I cant do anything with those coins.


Now it started to synch but 4,5 years late or something.



What version of the QT are you running?


Version 5.11.1 dont know if its the latest but I guess it is since I downloaded it resently. Now there is about 3.7 years left to sync so I think it takes a few days until its over. Does it continue to sync if I turn PC off or does it start from the beginning?


Okay, it looks like you are running an older version which is on the wrong chain. Please carefully follow this tutorial to update your wallet to the latest version (3.0.2b), then you can import your private key.

Once finished, you will be able to fully sync and send coins etc.

Let us know if you have any issues.


Thanks for reply.

First: I didnt found those files mentioned to back up, I tried to look hidden files/folders too but couldnt find them. Now I cant find my user name att all. What is happening?

Second: I never find where to launch Bitbay QT client so I always used Winrar to launch it. WIndows search didnt found anything when I wrote Bitbay (only that .rar file).

Third: Why should I back up those things in section First? Why cant I just download the latest version of QT wallet and I would be fine. Why on earth this would have made so hard for Bitbay users to first download older version, then do some back ups and then download newest version. Why wouldnt the newest version just remove the older version like almost all programs these days do. Would I lose coins if I wouldnt do back ups (coins that never where in the wallet in first place since it would have took several days to sync the wallet).

Forth: I started QT wallet (old version) again from .rar file and it continues syncing where it left yesterday. I cant see my private key there anymore in Debug/Console window.

Im really confused now what should I do. I cant find those things I should back up. Im not sure should I wait a few days this “old” QT client is in sync.

Please help. There is considerable amount of money in those coins which would be needed especially in these hard times.


So my biggest fear is that all those instructions lead to a situation where someone can take my coins. I really dont understand why I just cant download newest QT version in the first place. Why is BitBay site delivering old version of QT wallet if they already know it doesnt work etc.


Good question. I will forward this to our project manager