Payment Pending - TX Rejected


My system has the following specifications

Bitbay Halo v1.2
Windows 10
I tried to send some coins but the transaction is Pending.
I have one signature file. When I open the signature file to send, it is rejected.
How do I either cancel the transaction, or send the coins?



I think your version of bitbay is before 30th November 2017 right ?
That day there was a HARD FORK and you client is outdated
So as it is your client will no be able to send any coins even though it might say that you are synced

Follow this instructions to be able to resync your wallet


Thanks for the reply.
My version of Bitbay is the latest. I updated last week and it’s synchronised.


I am running 1 version behind the latest and my version is Bitbay Halo v1.35
so I assume you are running an older version

can you give a screenshot of the interface ?


I’m using v1.35


OK so you are on the latest version and seems you are synced
are you receiving to this account ? or are you sending from this ? (I see 0 Balance)


I’m trying to send from this account.
The transaction is pending.


If you are trying to send your full balance, you have to take into account the TX fee which is written in your sending panel.
Example : if you have 100 coins and try to send all your coins, then you’ll have to send 100 minus the tx fee amount.


Can you tell us your number of connections? It is shown in the setting panel.


I paid the transaction fee.


I can’t see anywhere that tells me how many connections in the settings panel. Can you explain where I might find it?


Go to settings > general settings

if connections is less than 3 you might want to consider this tutorial


Thanks for sticking with it.
I have 3 connections at this moment.
The problem is the wallet requires 2 step verification. I only have one key. How can I cancel the transaction?


You need two keys to spend as all accounts have two keys. Load both keys from the file menu. To cancel the spend you attempted you can click on it on the left hand side of history panel. The issue is you only have one key loaded as if you were on a joint account.


Thanks for that, I’ve cancelled the transaction.
I still can’t send though, the transaction is always rejected. Is there a simple guide on how to send coins?


Do you have both keys? Without both you can’t send transactions. Once you’ve confirmed you have both keys loaded then we can rule that out as the problem.


No, I only have one key.