Payment help. Via g2a


Hi, this may not be the proper place for this, but I recently made a payment via BitPay through G2a and it went through, but g2a never confirmed the purchase and my BTC is gone. I can provide more info if necessary.


Bitbay* not BitPay…


I just realized there is a proper template for this. Little late for that now I guess.

The address I sent 0.00225805 BTC to is: 3BfV7eEoqHeqLV9JDuB7XmufGwFYC7WGNG

the transaction was then set to processing and then nothing else happened.


Hi, I think you are indeed confouding us with BitPay.
Here we are Bitbay.Market a cryptocurrency of the same name (ticker BAY) and we are not affiliated to G2a.
You should contact G2a I guess. Good luck!


Are you sure? Because when making payments through G2a, you can select Bitbay as a payment option.


Yes sorry. They must have made a typographical error. has no affiliation to G2a.


This is what it looks like.


When I contacted the website I was making a payment on, they linked me to this support. It’s definitely said Bitbay for a long time.


Thank you for your screenshot.
I still confirm you that we aren’t related to G2a at all.

As you can see in your screenshot, it’s a Bitcoin paiement processor. We simply don’t do that, but BitPay does.
Here are some links to show you BitPay is the one related to G2a : & &

G2a seems themselves to have forgotten they are partenered with BitPay and not us. Hence why the typographical error and them linking you to us, despite that we are totally unrelated to them as we are Bitbay.Market a cryptocurrency project, not a Bitcoin paiement processor.

That’s funny that they forgot the name of their own partner if I may say ! lol


BitPay linked me to you guys. Not G2a. I first contacted BitPay and they linked me to this support.


Oh wow, now that’s funny. They must have a really bad support team if they don’t even know that is not related to their own business. :smile:
Let’s hope that BitPay read this thread and fix their support team.
I know I already said it, but let’s state it another time again : & are not related.
Have a nice day, thank you for your time.