Not enough funds available


i have the latest Wallet on windows (halo v2.2 )
When i try to move the funds from my wallet to Latoken i get this error “Not enough funds available”

But in my wallet i have “Actual funds 5558 k” and available balance “38” it’s a bit confusing and i don’t know how to move this tokens.

Anyone know how to fix this issue?


Right, I apologize about the confusion.
This is how the peg protocol works to stabilize price.

The peg protocol affects everyones’ wallets proportionally.
This peg protocol has been on our roadmap since the launch of the coin back in 2014.

The actual account is showing all your coins.
The available account is showing what is spendable = liquid coins

You can send both spendable coins and reserve coins to LATOKEN.
However, you must understand that if you send your reserve coins, then they will not be tradeable on the exchange till a 1 month timelock expires.

If you wish to send all your coins to LATOKEN, let us know and we can show you how to send your spendable and your reserve coins