No items listed in the marketplace when using the client on my desktop


I’m using the newest client on both a desktop and laptop running windows 10.
I can open wallets and see balances on both and both are synced. However, the marketplace on my desktop is empty and I can see items listed on my laptop. I am using Windows Defender and Malwarebytes on both and have added exclusions for Bitbay. What could be causing the issue with not seeing the marketplace on the desktop?


@Baxter, How long has the client been running ?
it usually takes some time before you start seeing items on marketplace.


Several days. Items are starting to appear now. I recall seeing items right away on previous installations. Could there be an issue that is causing this? If other people are downloading the client for the first time and see nothing in the marketplace, that could be a bad first impression.


The process of finding the marketplace items is being revisited and it will be improved as David has mentioned in his chats … but I don’t have an estimation on this as its a major overhaul of the existing system (I think)