Missing deposit to Bittrex - QT wallet



My system has the following specifications

QT Wallet, Client Wallet (and version) or Web wallet: QT v2.0.0.1-g32a928e
Operating System and version: Windows 10
If desktop wallet (Qt or Client) block # of your client and # of connections: QT

The problem I am having is … My deposit of 31,533.6552498 BAY sent from my QT wallet to my Bittrex BAY address, is not appearing in my Bittrex account.
Status: 73009 confirmations
Date: 12/3/2017 23:29
To: Bittrex BR9YErUKymjczxRMeT1ZDYAJtzLXtH195r
Debit: -31,533.6552498 BAY
Transaction fee: -0.0008 BAY
Net amount: -31,533.6560498 BAY
Transaction ID: 62732e5f64529588b440aac70c8cf8fac159cdfae3e74375c1d7b0809afa6ca9-000

Please can someone check if my BAY was delivered to this address, and if so… do I need to ask Bittrex for support? (Bittrex support=lacking)
Thank you


you are on the wrong fork it seems as your transaction is not accepted/recognized … there was a hard fork nov 30 2017

there is nothing bittrex can do and there nothing to worry about, your funds are safe you just have to follow the instructions below and post details here if you get stuck


Awesome, I got all my BAY back. Thank you for your assistance.
I simply followed your step-by-step guide and it all turned out well.
Remember, in Windows you need to turn on “view hidden files” or else you will not find


glad you could resolve it
I will add your suggestion to the tutorial for future use