Market place listing not visible today


I listed quite a few items on market place and today they have disappeared.
They are still showing in pending offers.
Why is this?


Did you have your Client offline?
The bitmessage network that hosts the marketplace removes items over time to fight spam.
The Client will automatically resubmit market orders every 48 hours so that this doesn’t happen.
If not resubmitted bitmessage network will remove them after 2-3 days.

The bitmessage network is decentralized, trustless, blockchain-bloatless, free, and can counter spam. But these features come with a price that you must support the network for it to run properly.


Yes I went offline for a few hours, so the pending order will re populate the market? I have to remain online to keep them there?


Well offline for a few hours doesn’t make sense.
It’s usually if you’ve been offline for over 2 days, then the Client cant auto resubmit, which it does about every 48 hours.

Try resubmitting.
After you resubmit them you can go to your Receive Coins tab of Client and click on the “Outbox” button.
That shows you your outbox of your bitmessage account. You have to do a little POW with your computer for bitmessage to accept the contract. Again, that is for spam protection.
Your items should clear from the outbox once they are done with POW.

Then they should show up in the marketplace. If this happens again let us know.

There is a feature in the “Settings” tab -> “General Settings” tab that allows you to create a debug file upon exiting the Client. Go ahead and turn that on. So in case this happens again we should get a debug file to help us figure out the cause.


In the near future we will also include a bitmessage server network.
This way items will be easier to manage without your Client on. However they are not something to be dependent upon as they are centralized.
Keeping your Client running is generally the best option and the only way you can stake for free coins anyways.

We are trying to bring the best for both worlds.
Some people demand decentralized others just want an easy button. We can appease both but we need more time to get it all together.


OK just re submitting them and the POW is working, starting to re appear. I wnet offline as the staking was not worth leaving the computer on all the time with only 2074 coins


Yes with 2000coins you would only get about 4 rewards a year so indeed it is not very worth it to stake it with so few!


Ok it did it again all my listing have gone
I turned off the client overnight and not they are gone.
They are still in the pending area
I had the debug turned on


Your contracts update/refresh automatically after 48 hours. If your computer is turned of when this is supposed to happen, they will disappear.
You can manually refresh them


Just to be sure… Could you check your C:\BitBay directory and see if a debug.txt file was created?


Connection attempt: 12
Connection attempt: 13
Connection attempt: 14
Connection attempt: 15
Connection attempt: 16
Connection attempt: 17
Connection attempt: 18
Connection attempt: 19
Connection attempt: 20
Connection attempt: 21
Connection attempt: 22
Connection attempt: 23
Connection attempt: 24
Connection attempt: 25
Connection attempt: 26
Connection attempt: 27
Connection attempt: 28
Connection attempt: 29
Connection attempt: 30
Connection attempt: 31
Connection attempt: 32
Connection attempt: 33
Connection attempt: 34
Connection attempt: 35
Connection attempt: 36
Connection attempt: 37
connection to network successful
Marketcap Exception
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 3699, in run