Market client - Account details - 2 keys connected



When I use internet connection from a different provider my 2 keys connected shows as " 2 keys connected " most of the time in the account details field. When I use the internet from my regular provider, the 2 keys connected field shows as “updating from internet” most of the time and then goes to " 2 keys connected " with some lapse or pause. Sometimes it does show as " not connected" In the receive bay tab and then my coins state as " not up to date". I most often have 8 connections. Almost all the time the sync and coins show as up to date. However, my question is - During the period when the account details box says " updating from the internet" does this mean I am not connected to the market client and the client is not staking? Thank you.


Correction ** - " not connected" in the **account details tab and then my coins state as " not up to date" I most often have 8 connections in the **receive Bay tab.


No it just means that it’s updating with the network. So in BitHalo that was various internet sites or nodes that ran electrum. In Bitbay it’s mainly referring to the Bitbay network.

When you have an unstable internet connection, the bar might say not connected. It will check for connections shortly after and then resume normally