Making change on stakebox (QT Wallet) creates brand new address?


Has anyone made change on their stakebox yet? I just tried sending myself a few bay… and nothing happened for several hours (showed 10+ confirmations, but balance hadn’t changed).

When I checked it later, a stake reward (20 bay) showed up in the transaction history that linked to a whole new address… which contains the entire balance when looked up on the chainz explorer. Also, the original QT address shows the amount of bay that I sent. Any thoughts on this?


If you are using the stakebox which I’m guessing is running QT, then when you send an input lets say 100,000 the QT usually spends the entire thing when staking it. This is because you haven’t broken for change. Breaking for change is good for getting consecutive stakes so they aren’t tied up a lot of blocks. The new address maybe was created by the stakebox. First see if the box gave itself any change or moved all the funds to a new address when it staked. QT might do that depending on how they set it up. You might also want to test spending from it so you know it’s secure.


Thanks David! Looks like it did transfer the entire balance (minus the sent amount) to a new QT address.

I think what confused me was that the wallet still shows the original address with the entire balance (including the sent amount). Meanwhile on chainz it shows up as the new address having the majority balance and the original payment is left in the original address. If that makes sense…