Looking for Raspberry Pi staking guide


Hello. I cant find f guide how to install and run stake wallet using raspberry pi, any help?


Forget, dropped the project- no guides, no community, no help.


Unfortunately there is not anyone I know staking BitBay on raspberry pi so I guess there is no raspberry pi guide for BitBay but perhaps you can start from and ask specific question if you get stuck.

Your conclusion about community is actually a wrong one. I guess you are expecting a level of support that you don’t even get in PAID products/services. Maybe you are forgetting that you are in Crypto industry and lots of things are still in the works or under construction.


It’s not true that there is no community, it’s just that various members check the forums once a day or so… you literally only waited 2 hours between comments. Investing requires years of patience, not hours. We have come a long way since we started in 2014.



Are you wanting to set up the Raspberry Pi Stakebox with a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse, or are you wanting to remote access it from your PC or Mac (headless mode)?


Dun mind, community here is so slow. Im into Deeponion project, i began staking using raspberry after 30 mins i wrote on forum.


Okay, no hard feelings. If you change your mind and need any help with staking BitBay, feel free to reach out. :slightly_smiling_face: