Importing private key doesn't work



My system has the following specifications

QT Wallet, Client Wallet (and version) or Web wallet: QT
Operating System and version: Windows 8.1
If web wallet browser name and version:
If desktop wallet (Qt or Client) block # of your client and # of connections:

The problem I am having is i’m importing the private key and my public address appears but I can’t see my balance, it shows as if it’s 0 and I can see a the true balance in the explorer. I also tried importing using the backup.dat file and it doesn’t work.



Are you fully synchronized? Because you have to be 100% synchronized first!


Yes, Fully synchronized


please give us some more information so we can better understand

Please report client and version, connections and block number as seen here


Version - v2.0.0.1-g32a928e
Qt version 5.5.1.
Block number - 1534545
Connections - 8


Having read the whole thread I have a feeling that you are on the wrong fork (hardfork was 30th november 2017)

Check that your balance can be seen on the explorer
If your balance is correct on the explorer than follow the tutorial below and report back