I see the Bay's in my QT wallet but can't transfer / spend them



I moved my bay crypto’s from the web wallet to my local QT wallet (windows 10) , I see the amount of BAY’s in my QT wallet but I can’t move them or spend them. please advise…



Thanks for reaching out for support. Before we can address this, can you please provide the following:

  • Current block # of your QT wallet and # of connections
  • The version of your QT wallet

Once we have this info, we can start troubleshooting the issue. Thanks!



Qt version 5.11.1.
Number of connections: 16
Current block: 2555759


Sorry version of wallet is: v3.0.1.0-gf683bd6


You are not on the latest version.
Back up your existing wallet.dat and place in multiple safe locations.
Then please download version 3.0.2b from the website and install.

If the wallet doesn’t sync up to chain then it’s because you are on the fork and need to resync the chain from the beginning.



I have no idea how to do it…do you have a manual?
I closed and re-opened the wallet and now the funds are in reserve and a small amount liqued?

I want them to be liqued, how do I change this, please help…


Ok, the wallet is updated now, but still the coins are in reserve, how do I make them spendable?



Please read through this page below thoroughly, as they provide answers all of these questions and more.


If you still have questions after reading through everything, please let us know!