I download the latest Mac bitbay client,but 0 sync after one hour


My system is mac 10.12.5 sierra

1,I downloaded the latest bitbay client Mac version, and I tried sync the data, but one hour passed ,0 sync.I am in China.

2,Do I have to sync the data from the nearest node who have the data, is the sync process like bitcoin ?


@Blockstack do you see any connections ? (go to settings > general settings)

are you sure you have a good connection to the internet ?

yes the sync process is very similar to bitcoin but you have to be connected to other peers to start synching.


I didn’t see anything in the setting -general setting ,I am in China.Why cannot I find other nodes?


You don’t see anything or you see 0 connections ?


0 connections,how to fix it?


try this Creating a bitbay.conf for better network connections