I download the latest Mac bitbay client,but 0 sync after one hour


My system is mac 10.12.5 sierra

1,I downloaded the latest bitbay client Mac version, and I tried sync the data, but one hour passed ,0 sync.I am in China.

2,Do I have to sync the data from the nearest node who have the data, is the sync process like bitcoin ?


@Blockstack do you see any connections ? (go to settings > general settings)

are you sure you have a good connection to the internet ?

yes the sync process is very similar to bitcoin but you have to be connected to other peers to start synching.


I didn’t see anything in the setting -general setting ,I am in China.Why cannot I find other nodes?


You don’t see anything or you see 0 connections ?


0 connections,how to fix it?


try this Creating a bitbay.conf for better network connections


As this tutorial,still not work


please tell us what you did and perhaps we can spot the problem
don’t take the exact same addnodes from the tutorial as they might be obsolete instead go to chainz explorer as instructed and get fresh addnodes


Please tell me how to go to chainz explorer and get fresh addnodes?


Click on node list of the majority network


can click on the node list for the latest version or 2.0.0 as both should be in sync to each other


Thanks,it’s clear now.