I don't see the BAYs in my wallet


Hello Guys,

i am experiencing a problem with the web wallet, i moved some BAY’S but i can’t the the amount in the wallet…it’s always show 0.00

here the transaction: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/bay/address.dws?B7BftL8dyLaB4eXXDN9iYedBGDkTit3SWS.htm

someone can help me?


Sorry for the delay response. For faster response times feel free to ask in the Discord or telegram channel

The web wallet is in development stage to incorporate the dynamic peg index.
This means it is not usable until we complete the revised wallet build.

While we wait for the devs to complete the update,
You can still gain access to your coins if you import your web wallet into a QT wallet.
You would need to download the entire QT wallet blockchain.

Here are instructions to import a web wallet into a QT wallet.



I have a QT Wallet, dowloaded the blockchain, but dont see any BAY in the wallet, although i sent some months ago. What could i try to have access to my coins?