How do you actually sell your BAY?


The experience I have with BAY is frustration and annoyance. Our money is locked in the BAYR format and waiting for the community to vote to inflate is futile given the time it takes to actually transfer all of your BAYR into BAY.

I know this may seem a little redundant but I am trying to grasp the reality of what is happening with BAY right now. The PEG system is a lovely idea and the price of BAY has gone up in a wonderful way, yet I am unable to sell anything and be rewarded for holding BAY. I think the PEG system only works with millions of active people voting, not the current state of BAY.

I bought into BAY as an idea at the beginning and hold more than enough currently. I stopped following the project for a while and when I came back found the PEG system and have been trying to wrap my head around the realities of it - which seem to be different than the thesis of it.
When I came back I found some hurdles to overcome with the RESERVE SYSTEM (BAYR) and sending/receiving it. Tried to sell some coins on the only market open to BAY and that was totally useless given my coins were almost worthless in the BAYR format. Used my coins to vote with the QT wallet for inflation and found that almost nothing changed and they still remained as BAYR.

I don’t see the inflation calculations working to be honest. Having a very tiny fraction of my coins change from BAYR to BAY is not helpful in any way. Then watching them change back a day later is frustrating to say the least.

My question seems simple but from my experience so far it isn’t in practice: How do I actually sell my BAY? All of it, every last coin. I have been here for a long time and want to sell as BAY - not BAYR.

If the answer is you can’t, or that you have to sell in tiny fractions and wait for someone else to vote with you, then I want out. Totally out of this project because a system with no viable exit is a tyrannical system.


Cool, bro, sincere review, I completely agree with you!



Still waiting for Support to actually respond. They tend to not respond to many questions here - which is scary for this project.


i am also lost how to sell BAY… there is no exchange how can we sell BAY for $ or BTC?


Totally agree with everything said here. I have a wallet with 83000 coins in it and right now I can send 0.8173 of a single Bitbay!

Ludicrous and actually belies the point of the entire system, a currency that cannot be spent is no longer a currency!