How do I restore an old wallet?


My system has the following specifications

QT Wallet
Operating System and version:Win 7

The problem I am having is …Due to a pc failure I do not have access to the original wallet files (wallet.dat) and so have installed the new version of QT wallet on a new pc.
I have the a passphrase, an original public address, 2 private keys and 2 share key files as well as a file labeled ContractBackup.dat.
How do I restore this wallet into the QT wallet download???


As far as I know you absolutely need the wallet.dat file as it contains all your wallet information. Are you sure you can’t get it back? Have you tried data recovery tools?


Ok thats a damn shame I always thought as per other wallet that a passphrase and keys would make it recoverable so thats the only files I backed up


I have a file named ContractsBackup.dat
Not sure what that one is for


ContractsBackup.dat is for the Client!
As far as I know you need the wallet.dat to back up your QT wallet. Can you try to get it back with data recovery software?


Unfortunately not that pc is cooked.
Could I use the client software to recover?


seems a bit strange what was the point of having a passphrase and keys this should always allow the restoration of a wallet. Never heard this before that you have to back up the wallet.dat file


@Shaun1 if you have ContractsBackup.dat around as you say you probably had the client installed at some point. Search in your backups or computer folders to see if you can find key1.private and key2.private as they are ABSOLUTELY needed for client recovery. Those files are produced if you ever clicked on backup wallet from the menu or if you had autobackup enabled and also are encouraged during setup of first wallet. For QT wallet recovery you will need wallet.dat

The process of recovery is pretty much this

In both QT wallet and Marketplace Client a password is not a wallet its just a LOCK on the wallet so that if anybody finds your open wallet CANNOT send funds to their wallet UNLESS they have this password. This can potentially happen with a virus on your machine for example.

At no point in this bitbay setup tutorial does not show a passphrase created only mentions the creation of password but also notes that the private keys should be saved and backed up properly.

How did you get a passphrase from within QT wallet or Marketplace Client ?
Perhaps you created a password mentioned above ?


I think you might be confusing the QT wallet with the Client. If you have two private keys and a ContractsBackup.dat file, then you must have used the Client. Try loading them in the Client. The Client only needs private keys.


Nice one thanks for the info


Mate I think you are 100% I must have had the client installed originally and not the QT wallet file. I will reinstall now and see how I go!


All back and working with the client…cheers guys. I brought these over a year back and haven’t updated anything since. Thanks for the help this forum is great!


I am happy for you. Thank you for your appreciation!
Don’t forget to properly back up your important data on external devices (private keys, public keys, contractsbackup.dat).