How can I exchange the Bitbay coins I have?


I can’t find an exchange who accept the bitbay coins:
I tried to send to Latoken, but it don’t allow bitbay deposits;
I tried Blocknet but it have no market for Bitbay.

Could you help me please?


Agreed. What’s going on here?

#3 has had some issues with deposits. We are waiting for an update from them hopefully by the end of the day (Europe time)


Currently, LA Token or OTC transactions are the only places to trade BAY.

LA Token link:

Since Blocknet is a decentralized exchange, they will require some additional work to integrate the dynamic peg before users can trade BAY there.

Like @Craig_Claussen mentioned, LA Token’s deposits are currently paused while they fix a small issue today. They should be reopened again soon.