Get 10 Free $BAY for Trying the BitBay Client!


Here are the steps involved in accepting the free 10 BAY available in a Smart Contract in the BitBay Client.

If you have any questions or comments about the process, please post them in the support forum.

Step 1. It is important you have an anonymous email created using one of the providers integrated in the client, including Google, AOL, Hotmail or Outlook. BitBay uses this email to send and receive encrypted messages, and requires the password to access it. I recommend creating a new account just for this purpose. You can go into the Receive BitBay tab in the client and click the Add/Change button to set up the new Email address if you did not already do so in the initial setup.

Step 2. Head over to the Market tab and click the 10 BitBay contract.

Step 3. In the contract details order screen, choose the Payment: Other selection. There is no payment required for this contract, but the payment selection is a required field. Also, verify the email address you created is selected in the ‘contact information’ box. When this is done, click the Accept button.

Step 4. You will be asked to confirm a Custom Deposit message. Click Thanks. Another confirmation message will appear with the contract details. Click OK to accept.

Step 5. At this point you will be asked to enter the passwords for both of your keys. Once complete the fields on the screen will be cleared indicating the client has been accepted.

Step 6. Craig is one of the BitBay team members and it is his contract you are accepting. On his side he sees a message telling him the contract is accepted, and he needs to accept it. To see the status of your contract, you can go to the Pending Offers tab and click the line there for detailed information.
(At this point you could still delete your offer (not that you would want to in this case) before Craig accepts it. This option is available from the Pending Offers detail information mentioned above.)

Step 7. When you go into your client after Craig accepts you will see a message saying the order has been accepted. The detail line underneath will appear in red letters while the messages back and forth are being broadcast. As this happens you can look in your new anonymous email account and see the messages going through. Once everything is complete behind the scenes the letters will turn black.

Step 8. The contract now moves to the Open Contracts tab. After you click the text to open it, there are multiple confirmations required. The first is asking if the funds have been sent, but in this case no funds are required like would be in a non-free transaction, so just click ‘The Funds Have Been Sent.’ The other confirmations are just saying you are happy with the transaction and it is okay to complete the contract.
(The BitBay client has an internal messaging system, so Craig is able to contact you about the transaction details if needed. Y`ou may notice a message he sent you when he completed the contract on his side. Feel free to browse the different features on this contract detail tab.)

When everything is complete you will see your 10 BAY balance show up in your Home tab. Congratulations! You just completed your first contract in the BitBay client. Now, isn’t there something you have laying around you can list for sale? Use your imagination and think of all the things you could create. Make a private market for your friends, or create a contract for someone to write an article for your favorite digital currency. The possibilities are endless. The more people we have using the client, the more it will be noticed.

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