Conflicted transaction


My system has the following specifications

QT Wallet version:
Operating System and version: Linux Ubuntu 14.04
If desktop wallet (Qt or Client) block #2932204 of your client and # of connections: 16

I’ve erroneously sent some BAYs while not completely synced. I’ve used this support topic and the related guide but still my BitBay Qt Wallet shows all the BAYs in “Reserve” instead of spendable balance. And the transaction is still in conflicted state.

I’ve checked the block explorer and my balance is still there while the transaction id is not found (as expected). What I can do to revert balance from ‘reverse’ to ‘spendable’? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


I missed Qt Waller version.

My BitBay Qt Wallet version is v3.1.2.0-gf683bd6



Anyone that can help me solve this problem? Thanks