Coins not showing in new qt wallet


My system has the following specifications

QT Wallet,
Operating System and version: windows 7
If desktop wallet (Qt or Client) block # of your client and # of connections:

The problem I am having is …I have just updated to new qt wallet .5.5.1. In April 17 I had a good number of BAY, but wallet wouldn’t synch to BC [stuck at 23 weeks to go] Installed new wallet, and has synced to BC, I have added in new nodes, but coins haven’t shown up.
Please advise? Very many thanks
Graham McG


Hello I am using client v.2.0
I downloaded bootstrap, and am now having to resynch from scratch. I have 16 connections


Perhaps you can follow this guide


Thank you
I’ll try this today and report back
Kind regards


Hello GiorgosK
I have deleted all in appdata/roaming/bitbay except the wallet.dat. I used the bootstrap and have resynced the wallet. Nothing is showing in the wallet, no transactions or history and neither are my 167,000 bay!. I deleted the wallet.dat and put back another saved copy of wallet.dat, dated from 16th April 2017. and still nothing.
The original wallet.dat file was from version 1.2, the new wallet is version 2
Please advise
Many thanks


Hello GiorgosK
I also need to mention, having deleted the wallet that was in the appdata/roaming/bitbay folder and installed the back up, I then restart the wallet, the wallet that had been deleted reappears in the folder along with the newly added wallet.dat file?


Hello GiorgosK

All resolved - back in business!!
Thank you for your help
Kind Regards
Graham McG


@GrahamMcG sorry did not see this sooner but very glad you were able to resynch your wallet