Coins not showing in my wallet



I only have 2 private keys the ones set up when making the wallet.

And you made the wallet with the Client right? Because the Qt wallet is a bit different.


yes I made the wallet with the client. ok wallet is fully synced blocks match block explorer. now with qt wallets you could go to councel and repair wallet is there a feature for this in this wallet. I have reinstalled and completely synced the block chain and unlocked the wallet but still nothing. does anyone have any idea. also mantrack if I had the qt wallet then there is not keys to worry about.


does anyone have any actual answers or things to try instead of asking things that have been already answered???


in order to help you we have to understand what is going on … if we knew you would have already the answer and solution … so be patient and we will have someone else to look it over as well


SI think I know what happened. You probably deleted the blockchain files with wallet.dat and that means the system doesn’t know to watch your address. Here is what you should do… backup your two private keys. Make a new temporary account in a different location and then reload your account in question from file menu. What will happen is, the new account should trigger a rescan and loading your original account in question from the file menu will reimport the account to wallet.dat


I don’t mean to be offensive but when I’m asked the same question a few times it gets old typing I do appreciate your help. I didn’t delete the wallet.dat file I delete the other in that dir when resyncing. but I will do it anyway and give it a go ill get back to you soon


ok so I backed up my wallet keys reinstalled the market wallet set up new keys moved the block chain over exluding old wallet.dat. opened wallet let it sync then went file open wallet grabed the 2 keys for the old wallet. then the address changed to the old one it rescanned and nothing. still no coins. now there is no faucet contracts to see if new coins will show. can someone send 1 coin or partial coin for testing.


ok so I don’t know what just happened but as I typed the last post the coins showed up in my first wallet. any way thanks. can someone set up a fake market sale for 1 coin so I can see how it works and you can keep the coin


Nice that it got resolved! It seems that Dzimbeck was right about the issue! :slightly_smiling_face:
It is usually @Craig that kindly maintains the faucet. You can pm him to try that if you want!


ok thanks for your help. also the faucet is not up but that’s ok also what is the slack chanel url for me to join