Coins not showing in my wallet



windows 10 newest client wallet. fully synced. the coins show up on the block explorer but not on the wallet. I tried rescan but nothing. also I have both keys loaded. is there a way to get my coins to show and stake without having to redownload the blockchain.


also on the website it is unclear weather this wallet can stake or do I need the qt wallet. I also downloaded the qt wallet but it is not synced but the market place is not on it so I decided I wanted the client one.



Please can you answer this form:

My system has the following specifications

QT Wallet, Client Wallet (and version) or Web wallet:
If desktop wallet (Qt or Client) block # of your client and # of connections:

In November there was a hard fork so your client must be newer than November to be on the right fork. Both the Qt Wallet and the Client can stake.


I down loaded the wallet 2 days ago it says halo 1.29 it is the client ×windows version. Block number matched the block explorer. I deleted the block chain database files and left the wallet .dat then i down loaded the block chain and put it in that file. Now i am waiting for it to resync


After you have synced again, please tell me your block number and the number of connections using this tutorial How to find out the type of client and version.

Also verify that you properly loaded your private keys. You can try to Unlock Wallet using the File Menu.


Ok thank you i will get back to you tomorrow


connections 8 wallet unlocked windows 10 client. please read the link you provided as it does not tell you how to get the version number for the market client it only shows how to get it for the qt wallet. block number is 1543462. the wallet is now synced but still nothing. as for the version I downloaded form the main site 3 days ago. so it is the newest version.


also here is my address bVaQ74e5Xi4gFsGNc2eNCv9cComDJxtT1x and you can see the funds are there but not showing.


Go to help > about
revised the tutorial as well


help about says halo 1.29


OK so you are on the latest version of the client which is good
but still you might not be synched properly

Lets get 2 more things out of the way

  1. does YOUR BITBAY ADDRESS on the HOME tab of the client match the address you check on the ? and does it have the balance you expect ?
  2. is your computer’s clock time set correctly ? (if its not you might not be able to sync correctly)

NOTE: both qt wallet and client wallet can stake


Also as you only have 8 connections (while I have 16 on my client) please try this tutorial to ensure you have the best number of connections: Creating a bitbay.conf for better network connections.


Yes wallet address and the address i gave match as thats where i got the address from. As for the clock time i will check and get back to you. But my synced blocks match the block explorer


I will update the ip addresses in the config file


clock time is correct. config file made. I’m going to resync for the beginning instead of using the downloaded blockchain


ok config file updated 13 connections now thanks but still no coins.


Do you have an anti-virus or firewall that could somehow be interfering?
Are you sure you are loading the right private keys?
Where is your software installed? It should be on your main drive C:\ else it could cause issues.
Have you tried reinstalling the software? Maybe you did a bad install without knowing.

As long you have the private keys of your account properly backed up your coins are safe. We just have to figure out why you are having troubles.


the antivirus allows this program as I allowed it if it was blocked I could not sync the wallet. I only have 2 private keys the ones set up when making the wallet. wallet is installed C:\bitbay default location I have backed up and re installed 2 times. also you can do a bad install the program does the install its a windows machine.


I think I figured it out there are 4 block chain files that you can down load I think maybe I got the wrong one. I will find out once it finishes syncing on its own it is very slow even though I have high speed internet.


There is no wrong blockchain to download if its from an official site … but its ok to let it sync on its own … the connection speed does not affect much … what it actually does is downloading and verifying that is why it takes time …