Check my bitbay transaction


Hello admin,

I transferred my bitbay coin from upbit (korea coin market) to my bitbay wallet which is window client wallet.
below was a transaction url.

However, my balance is still 0 BAY. How can I check this transaction? Where is it wrong? Could you please check this transaction?

Thanks in advance.

My system has the following specifications

QT Wallet, Client Wallet (and version) or Web wallet: windows bitbay client, Halo v1.37
Operating System and version: windows 10
If web wallet browser name and version:
If desktop wallet (Qt or Client) block # of your client and # of connections:

The problem I am having is …



It looks like your transaction did complete on chain. For the balance to show up in the BitBay client, the sync bar at the bottom must be at 100%. Can you please check and see what the sync status is?