Can't See Funds in QT Wallet - Imported Private Key


QT Wallet is up to date with current version/block

When I imported a private key from the webwallet following the instructions on the webwallet link it imports successfully. Yet I see no funds in QT.

There are two receiving addresses and the one that seems to be selected is the non-imported address.

Three Questions:
Is it possible that QT is set to a different address so that is why the funds are not showing?
—>How would I change the selected wallet in QT if that is the case? I can’t seem to find that anywhere.
Or what else is happening after a successful import of a private key?


Is your wallet synchronized to the latest block?

Funds typically won’t show until the entire blockchain is downloaded

You can enter your receiver address into a blockexplorer and see your funds, while you wait for the Qt wallet to finish synchronizing


It is syncronized.

I received help from another forum post with instructions about how to rescan the QT wallet.

When importing a private key the wallet doesn’t include that new key in it’s balance output for some reason. So you have to: (windows) make a shortcut of the QT Wallet Start Icon, go to properties of the shortcut, under “Target” go to the end of whatever it says there and add this " -rescan", with a space between the last thing in the target and the -rescan.
Then QT will rescan all keys it has and the new private key imported shows up in balances.