Can't login to the web wallet



I have logged into my bay wallet but it’s showing zero balance. I tried log out and log in but stilll zero. The received address is different. When I checked my old address in the block explorer the correct balance shows. Also my friend logged into her wallet and her balance also shows zero. Hope it will be fine. Cheers

Web wallet bug when user chooses "Stay Logged in (until browser tab closes)"

Hi the above message is referred to the web wallet. Web wallet. It’s the web wallet. Repeating myself to get 20 words in order to reply. Cheers


then you did not input the same email/pass as before
beware of capitals/lowercase letters etc
a small difference in one of them will create/load a different wallet

I just checked with a web wallet address that I have for testing that was create since the launch and still get all the BAY in there

when did you create the web wallet address ? did you make a backup of your user/pass
or were you able to make a proper backup by going to the backup tab ?


Hi thanks for the reply. I have not done a back up but didn’t realise I would get logged in if my credentials are wrong. I almost deposited some coins to that wrong wallet, luckily I refrained myself. I hope this mistake won’t happen to other web wallet users. Cheers


@clubcoin web wallet does not save info only temporarily in your browser.

we have thought about many measures to keep people safe we think but if you have a better way in mind to warn people they have to be careful and there is no 3rd party recovery please let us know will be be happy to incorporate it …

glad you sorted your problem


Hi yes the web wallet is very confusing. Yesterday my friend re-logged in and we checked the email etc was correct, inside the web wallet. So we did a withdrawal from cryptopia using the address generated from the web wallet since the email was correct. So when we re-logged using his registered email and pw, the receive address was different. Luckily we tried many other combinations in the email format and password etc and were lucky to get back into the same account with the same wallet address that was given for the cryptopia withdrawal. So he had type 1 wrong digit in his password, and he got in by using this wrong password. If not he would have lost his coins he withdraw from cryptopia. Web wallet is very risky! May be a clear warning on the top of the page to say " ALWAYS RETYPE EMAIL AND PASSWORD" or do not give an option to to type email and password ONE time only. Just keep the 2 times typing on Always!


thanks for the comment and suggestion we have given a lot of thought to how this is best implemented

when you first visit the web wallet you are presented with 2 boxes for email and 2 for password
however we can’t force people to always type them twice so we have given the option to disable this part
so when one unchecks the box and only type 1 email/ 1 pass then it means that they either know the password (2nd visit) or they are willingly taking the risk to only type it once and there is a RED warning there to remind them anyway.

The process of creating or loading a wallet is exactly the same as there is no database on the backend. Actually there is no backend, everything is done in your browser for security reasons so its impossible to know if one is creating a wallet or just loading it. Every email/pass combination accesses a different wallet.

But since you mentioned we will revisit the options given on the login on our next iteration.

REMEMBER: When someone is just creating the wallet (or any time after that) they are advised to backup their wallet (backup wallet tab) and save the print in a safe place since as already mentioned there is noone to recover a lost email/pass combination.