Cant Get Past 1 Percent


My system has the following specifications

Halo 1.37
Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1

The problem I am having is when I first downloaded Halo I sent all my BAY to the bitbay address shown on my wallet. It never showed up there, I think because I am unable to synchronize. I can only get to 1%, and I’ve tried leaving it running all night. The sync number is 29920.



Hmm… it could possibly be corrupted files.

Try this:

  1. Place your bitbaydata folder in a new location outside the BitBay directory.
  2. Delete everything from the bitbaydata folder except:
  • blk0001.dat
  • txleveldb
  • bitbay.conf
  • peers.dat

***And of course make sure you have your private keys saved in a location outside your main BitBay directory.

  1. Then delete the entire BitBay directory, and download and install the “complete” windows version.

  2. Then simply copy and paste the bitbaydata folder into the new BitBay directory.

  3. Then start Client.

If that doesn’t work then for some reason the blockchain data was corrupted, and you will just need to delete your blk0001.dat file and txleveldb file in the bitbaydata folder, then resync from scratch.

Let me know if that works.