Android Mobile Wallet - No Bay Tokens Showing Up


My system has the following specifications

BitBay Mobile Wallet - Current Version as of August 17th 2018

I downloaded the android wallet from the link on this site. Sent Bay tokens over from Bittrex. They have confirmed it on their end. The tokens are not showing up on my mobile wallet. How do I:

Fix this?
Log in through the desktop client and access the same wallet? - Wallet backup option gives invalid link when selecting print wallet info.

Thank You


Ok I found the tokens.

The mobile wallet doesn’t sync properly - don’t know why.
Found the mobile wallet and used the same login and the tokens are there. PHEW!


I mean the web wallet. It’s also called the mobile wallet on your website.
The one through your computer browser and not the app worked. The android app isn’t syncing or isn’t connected in some way.


Oh sorry for the incoveniance, I will notify the team. The mobile wallet must had been temporary out of sync.


We are in the process of replacing the node that mobile wallet connects to and syncs as we have had problems with it. I am estimating that we should have the new version next week or perhaps in two weeks time.

If you want to transfer/receive funds from/to your wallet immediatelly feel free to use the web wallet in the meantime. The corresponding change has been done on the web wallet and mobile/web wallets are interoperable and use exactly the same credentials.

Sorry for the inconvinience.