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Staking and Synchronizing (3)

1) How do I know if my Client is synchronized to the blockchain? At the bottom of the Home tab or the History tab is a synchronization status bar. If it’s at 100% then you are fully synchronized. You cannot perform trans…

Client and Wallet Troubleshooting (3)

1) Why won’t the BAY client open properly on my Macbook? When using a Macbook, BAY operates in WINE rather than as a typical mac program. This results in some issues, as a Mac user myself I have found that BAY will not w…

Getting Started with the Client (3)

1. Download the software We recommend you download the BitBay Client which provides a wealth of features. As well as sending, storing and staking $Bay, the client has a wealth of other features including the BitBay decen…

Using the Marketplace Client (3)

Buying on the market Now that your client is set up you can begin buying and selling items. To buy or bid on items you need to enter the “Market” tab window. This is the marketplace. It has many features and to better un…

How to get $BAY (3)

1. Buy BitBay on the Exchanges You can currently buy $BAY on the following exchanges: Bittrex: C-Cex: Cryptopia:…

Get 10 Free $BAY for Trying the BitBay Client! (3)

Here are the steps involved in accepting the free 10 BAY available in a Smart Contract in the BitBay Client. If you have any questions or comments about the process, please post them in the support forum. Step 1. It is…

Video Tutorials (1)

1 - How to Install the BitBay Market Client 2 - How to Create Your First Account Quick Version 3 - How to Create Your First Account In depth version 4 - Downloading Blockchain To Speed Synchronize 5…

Installation and Updating (1)

1) How do you install and load the Client on linux? Download the tar.gz file found on the website downloads page. Extract the file with an app like Archive Manager. Then open a terminal and navigate to the BitBay direct…

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