Dynamic Peg - FAQ

Which participants can see which transactions? What data and metadata is available, and who can access it? How does this impact voting privacy? (1)
Is the Dynamic Peg 100% decentralized or “pseudo-decentralized”? (1)
What is the Dynamic Peg? (1)
Does your protocol require information outside the blockchain, such as a feed of price data? If so, how does this oracle work? What makes the BitBay oracle different? (1)
Don’t currencies achieve stability as they grow in size? If so, why not focus on adoption vs. building a specific system like this? (1)
How to import your BitBay Web Wallet private key into the peg-enabled QT wallet (1)
How do I participate in voting with the Dynamic Peg? (1)
Once a contract is completed and the deposits returned back to the owners, will the funds be returned as liquid? (1)
What determines the amount of BAY received for stake rewards? (1)
How do I read the Dynamic Peg input liquidity graph? (1)
Why is my spendable/liquid balance always changing? (1)