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QT Wallet - A comprehensive guide (3)

This guide covers every feature within the BitBay QT wallet:

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Why do Reserve and voluntarily frozen coins have value? Are there any benefits to holding them? (1)
How much can the liquid supply and price of BAY fluctuate in one day? (1)
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How does the Dynamic Peg handle “black swan events” such as an extreme decline in demand, market shock, etc.? (1)
What keeps users from voting to pump or dump the price overnight? (1)
If nothing is backing the coin, what enforces its price? (1)
How do I participate in voting with the Dynamic Peg? (1)
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How often do votes change the supply liquidity? (1)
How to update the Client and/or QT wallet to the latest version (1)
How to import your BitBay Web Wallet private key into the peg-enabled QT wallet (1)
What will the price of BAY be in X amount of time with the peg? (1)
What is the Dynamic Peg? (1)
How long are coins frozen for, and what enforces this rule? (1)
Are the reserve coins (BAYR) timelocked for a month between each trade on an exchange? Or does does the timelock only occur when moving tokens on/off the exchange? (1)
If I voluntarily freeze my coins for 1 or 4 months, will the earned stake rewards be frozen for the same amount of time? (1)
Are all Dynamic Peg votes considered equal? (1)
What will happen with the price in the short, mid, and long term? (1)
Why does BitBay need a Dynamic Peg? Can you please explain it in layman’s terms? (1)
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