BitBay Feedback

Give feedback on BitBay clients and wallets. Post here improvements or bugs you found in any of the BitBay releases.

Forum Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


The support section is here to help you solve any issues you encounter while using Bitbay’s wallets.
To ensure efficient communication when you describe your problem, please provide the following informations:

Recruitment and Bounty

Can’t get enough Bitbay? Then consider working for us and earning some! Find out here what full time or part time jobs are available; as well as what bounties are on offer more ad-hoc work. Hours are flexible if part time so you can work remotely in your free time and bag yourself some $bay!

Marketplace Listings

Are you selling or buying something on the BiyBay marketplace? Let everyone know about it here!

Ask the Developer

We are introducing an ‘Ask the Developer Q & A’ whereby people can ask questions no matter how big or small.

Community Projects

The community behind BitBay is what makes it so unique in the crypto-sphere and we want to enable everyone to have an input in shaping the future of BitBay as we head into 2019.